For some gambling addicts, you may always be familiar with the online poker food available at https://www.ioncasino.cc/. Every human being can play it but not often who can win a lot in a day. You need super tricks so that you can win a lot at every online poker game.

Here are some tricks that you can use:


1. Program




Wait until you have a pair of big slips at. Don’t hesitate or be ashamed to fold. Remember, the fall of your 5 rivers will pay off when it’s only really a win.


2. Be patient


As long as you save a few chips, then go to a table where players don’t often go all-in. And determine a table where players are evenly matched waiting for 3 original cards to come out. If it doesn’t go well, you set another table.


3. Attack First



If your initial slip is a king match, for example, PAKE 10, K 10, Q K, J Q, or Pair Datuk then don’t hesitate to go all in, this is useful for sabotaging opponents who have small tickets but big ones will likely go straight or flush later. If you raise, there is a small card that will attack back if it turns out that the card is a straight or a flush.


4. Middle Hit


Sometimes it happens even though our voucher is set as king but it always falls out when all in. So there are two tips used, namely sliding the table or waiting for 3 cards to appear. When these 3 slips appear for example 3, 5, seven so if you keep the 7 card and the duke then go all in quickly. It avoids people who have a small slip in hesitation or ultimately go all in.

It should be noted that at the table it is not very often a straight, flush or full house. So don’t expect you to have this voucher. So if you feel like you have a big pair or 2 pairs, go all in quickly.

I myself often experience the term having a small slip of suri 3 with 6 / 2 and 4. When the opponent is all in, of course I back out. But in fact I was the one who should have won the example I participated earlier. That’s what the initial and center attacks are for.


5. Switch Tables When You Win


If you finish winning wide, hurry up to save your money, don’t miss it piled up on the table. Uphold your hard-earned victory, the seeds are lost with just 1 game period. So save your progress chips on the slide table..


6. Tengking


Sometimes it never hurts to harass your opponents even though your receipts are not good, something like the following is useful so that your enemies are difficult and confused to guess your style of play. But look at the chips of the following players, generally characters who have full chips cannot be bullied. In my knowledge, bluffing will be more effective if used when the table is large, if in a kuntet table it will be complicated because players will not regret losing a few chips.


7. Beat


If your voucher keeps dropping, don’t force yourself to play on that table, try looking at changing tables, looking for a new table and start playing again.



In the very last guide it can be done if your internet network is good. The trick is to play with 2 or more accounts in one table. Make your first account open with Modzila and the second with Opera. Then determine the table with 5 seats with the most decent players.


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