Tips for Choosing a Trusted Official Online Poker Site

Tips for Choosing a Trusted Official Online Poker Site

Gambling online poker has become a profession that brings many benefits to many people in the world. Games that used to be considered entertainment activities that were done during leisure time have now turned into billions of dollars worth of business. Yes, not a few people managed to change their destiny because they managed to be at the top of this business.

As with any business in the world, online poker also has its own risks and profits. Losses in business are inevitable but of course there are many things you can do to minimize those losses and maximize the profits you can make in this game.

In this article we will discuss some things you can do to increase your chances of winning in the online poker industry, namely by choosing a trusted official online poker site. Choosing a trusted online poker site means you are one step ahead of your confidence.

Choosing an official online poker site means you have deposited your gambling capital in a safe place. You become more able to concentrate on the game and apply powerful strategies to win every game you play. What are some tips you can apply to choose a trusted online poker site? See the explanation below.

Why Choose to Play an Official Online Poker Site?

Previously you may be wondering why you should gamble online poker when Indonesia is one of the countries that prohibit gambling games like this. You should know that when you gamble online, the game server used to serve the game is outside the territory of Indonesia means you are playing outside the jurisdiction of Indonesia.

In addition, games on official online poker sites are also easily accessible as they are available throughout the world internet network. All you need to do is connect to the internet, then you can access the games you want through electronic devices such as computers, laptops, or mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones.

Another benefit you can get from online poker games is fun entertainment. Just imagine, you can make a lot of money in a short time and in a fun way. Where else can you get a job like this. In other words, online poker gambling is the most perfect job.

Unlike other gambling games that focus on luck, poker prioritizes the ability and skill of its players. There are many strategies you can apply to win this game including bluffing or bullying strategies. No matter what card you get, if you can play with effective strategy then you have a chance to win.

5 Tips for Finding an Official Online Poker Site

Once you know the benefits of playing online poker, now you may want to know how to find an official online poker site that you can trust to be an online poker playing partner. Remember, never choose an online gambling site indiscriminately. Always choose an official site that can provide professional services to its customers.

Official License
This is the main capital for official online poker sites to serve their customers. An official license is proof that an online gambling site has been tested to provide services that conform to international standards. In addition, sites with official licenses are guaranteed to be free from cyber crime so you can calm down and concentrate on the game.

Consumer Services
The next aspect you need to make sure when choosing an official online poker site is the performance of the consumer service. Consumer service is part of an online gambling site that serves to help customers solve problems they face related to the games the site offers.

Consumer service from official online poker sites must work responsibly and friendly for a full 24 hours as it can be a problem for anyone and whenever needed.

Financial Transactions
The most common transaction method and often used by official online poker sites is via bank transfer via ATM or m-banking, but there are many other methods that can be done and will make it easier for you when making financial transactions such as transactions through OVO service, Gopay, Link, Fund, or make a payment via credit transfer.

Also make sure that the site you choose works with local banks in Indonesia such as BNI, BRI, BCA, or Mandiri. This will also make it easier for you to transact and provide security when you transact through a local bank that is easier to reach.

Game Collection
Your main goal in online gambling is of course to gamble like a poker game, so it is very important for an official online poker site to have a complete collection of games of international quality.

Maybe you just want to gamble poker but who knows one day you will feel bored and want to try another game to release saturation. Or maybe poker games are less suitable for you to play and want to try other types of gambling that can bring more benefits. In essence, choose an online gambling site that offers more than 3 categories of games.

Bonuses and Promo
Bonuses and promos like these are provided by the official online poker site to attract potential customers to register as a member there. The bonuses and promos given are also varied, ranging from bonuses that can only be obtained once such as welcome bonus and first deposit bonus, or other bonuses that are given periodically either daily or weekly.

Bonuses like this will bring more benefits for those of you who want to seriously engage in online gambling games. Some sites also offer free games or cash back which will give you more opportunities to play. The more you play, the more likely you are to win the game.

Here are some criteria you should consider when choosing an online gambling site to be your gambling partner. There are many online poker sites on the internet but not all offer the best service. Therefore, choose only the official online poker site that has been proven to provide professional services to its customers.

Register now at and enjoy the best online gambling experience with millions of other players around the world. Happy trying!

5 Tips to Become a Winning Online Poker Player

5 Tips to Become a Winning Online Poker Player

5 Tips to Become a Winning Online Poker Player

Being able to play poker is a great side business especially for those who like to play the game.

However, it seems more difficult to make the transition from playing normal poker to online poker.

However, there are many different techniques and tools available that will allow you to make the transition to playing online poker in Indonesia.

With that in mind, below is a list of the top online poker tips that will help new beginners to improve their game and win consistently.

Below 5 Tips to Become a Winning Online Poker Player :

Below 5 Tips to Become a Winning Online Poker Player :

1. Start by playing one table

It’s tempting to jump right into multi-tabling because one of the main benefits of playing online poker in Indonesia is the ability to play with more than one table at a time.

However, you may lose a lot using this strategy if you are just starting out as a beginner.

It is important to first familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of online poker and this will help you in the weeks to come.

To begin with, learn to win online poker consistently at one table.

Once you start to feel a little more comfortable playing at one table, you can add another table according to your comfort level.

2. Start with low stakes poker

It is advisable to start the first few games at lower stakes even if you are used to playing high-stakes cash games.

The main objective is to first familiarize yourself with the nuances of playing online poker.

This is a wise move as it allows beginners to play online with a smaller bankroll.

Doing this can relieve the player from the anxiety and stress of missing a session and stay focused on the main goal of becoming a successful player.

According to experienced players, using the same amount of online and live money online games will tend to contain tougher opponents and new players may be overwhelmed by the competition.

3. Create a supportive environment to play

To become a pro, you need to avoid distractions like opening additional tabs to pass the time between hands.

This distraction will cause you to make careless mistakes like playing bad hands and missing important information that could help you make important steps in the future while playing on the webpage.

4. Take advantage of the software functionality

There are a number of software available that help players become better poker players and take advantage of any means to improve your game significantly.

The best places to start are on various poker sites and some of the free software available online for free download.

5. Perform a major hardware update

Computer hardware can affect game quality and it is important to invest in a good computer.

A high-resolution computer monitor is essential for reducing eye strain and making multi-tabling easier.

An ergonomic mouse will reduce wrist pain and quickly complete the required action.

In general, for live players switching to online gaming it can pose a lot of challenges but it is important to start gradually, creating a favorable environment and making use of different software and hardware is key in a player having a successful journey to become a top online poker player.

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4 Bluffing Tricks On Online Poker Games

Online poker gambling game is indeed one type of gambling game that is very different from other card gambling games. Online poker card gambling is unique because of the different ways of playing, from the others. Apart from that the number of terms is very different and does not exist in other gambling card games. There are also ways to determine winners in online poker gambling games that are very different when winning is not only a single winner, but no less than 10 levels of winning on this type of online gambling.

Anyone of you beginners in particular trying to play online poker must learn to understand how to play correctly. If it will not be fatal, rather than profit because of its convenience, it can even go bankrupt because it does not understand the meaning in the game. There will be many benefits or prizes when you will be able to win every time you play poker online. In addition, many promo bonuses are often distributed by online gambling poker sites for members. Some factors are exactly the attraction of the online poker gambling type of card game.

Winning in the online poker game dream poker cards will be for players or poker gambling members. But for that all learning is needed and understanding how to bet on online poker is good and right. On the other hand, there are other unique poker games to win someone obliged for one or several tricks that exist in online poker games. For my friends online poker gambling fans, wherever you see some tips from our snapping technique to be able to walk perfectly below.

The Right Strategy For Bluffing In Online Poker

  1. The first step the player must prepare mentally is so confident and optimistic about the strength of his card the right victory. So, the first step is really what a player must have when going for a broken technique.
  2. Be patient waiting to get dealing with a high enough value or twins. The second technique involves snapping a safe-looking attitude and increasing confidence when it is appropriate to make or raise a bet later. In addition, creating or minimizing the risk of defeat where not only does the bluff technique but must use the card with the highest value or twin.
  3. Paying attention to the game of opponents at the table one by one, this step is to control the condition of the opponent’s cards from how to play them. Doing this will have the added effect of winning perfectly.
  4. Wait until the port opens of the three cards on the table at the beginning of online poker gambling. And when the city is open when the card is directly to do with the bluff technique confidence to increase the value of your betting table.

More or less like that from friends a few points above are relevant about the correct steps to successfully do the trick or bluffing technique. And the advice from our admin, not too often do this technique when playing online poker gambling. Because it can make it easy to memorize all of your bluff movements. At least your friends are balanced with various techniques or other tricks to make your game more classy. Additional information advice from admin you could play any game from sportsbook, casino, online slot, joker123 on

Hopefully, what we describe can be very useful and become additional knowledge for you, especially fans of online poker gambling.

Type of Poker Game In Poker Online

Type of Poker Game In Poker Online

Type of Poker Game In Poker OnlineMost popular types of poker games poker sites reliable. play poker online has many developments, which can be seen from the discovery of the latest strategies and tips that can be used when playing unbelievable poker sites one among them.

Not only that, the popularity of online poker is also famous around the world. Almost everyone in this world is already familiar with online poker. Not only managed to attract the attention of poker fans, not only as ordinary people who are interested and have started to join the online poker game.

In addition, according to poker fans, poker feel like playing free online easier and more comfortable and will. However, there are many benefits that can be achieved by playing poker online

And many interesting bonus bonuses are there for each member on the site poker confidence. Not only that, now respectively reliable poker sites also provide at least seven different types of online poker games with different levels of excitement. There are several online poker games list of the most requested by fans of poker.

This makes poker fans even more excited to play on poker sites confidence. And here are a few types of poker is the most popular game in the most reliable poker sites that exist today.

A. Texas Hold’em poker

This is a very popular type of poker games, and even earlier, there are many best poker sites moldy Indonesia. This game has been very popular in social media Facebook.

At that time, Texas Hold’em poker is a game of poker usual line that they have a number of real money in paris. Known only chip.

B. Domino

dominoes game is the type of online gambling game that is very unique and interesting. And the most beloved by fans of poker. Indeed, domino does not require any special tricks or strategies.

Therefore, it is easier to control. However, some seasoned poker player, domino is a kind of online poker game with the greatest chance of winning.

Poker Online


Capsa is a card game adapted from traditional card games in the area of ​​China. At reliable poker sites, there are generally two types of games Capsa provided.

Namely capsa stacking and hat Banting. Both games are basically the same. But there are other ways to play and have a unique character.

Both games Capsa have their fans. And various types of online poker games available, Capsa is one of the most, online poker game interesting and difficult, especially Capsa Stacking.

D. Ceme online

In addition there is an online game, poker game is actually spoken by fans of poker. Unlike other types of poker games in general, online players can have the chance to play the role of the city.

Of course, playing the role of the city will be able to have a greater chance of victory. Therefore, do not be surprised if this game is very popular today.

This is some kind of popular poker games in the poker Confidence website. In addition to the online poker game types mentioned above.

Is Online Poker a Good Idea to Make a Living?

Is Online Poker a Good Idea to Make a Living?

Is Online Poker a Good Idea to Make a Living?

Are you planning to make a living simply by playing poker online? Although it can be a good idea, you will need to consider all the aspects and consequences of being an online poker professional. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

Getting good at playing poker online? Starting to wonder if you can actually make a living playing poker professionally? The truth is a lot of people think about the exact same thing as you can earn handsomely from this game.

But before you quit your day job and decide to be a pro, you need to consider a few things. Let us a take a good look at how practical it is to play poker online for a living.

Is it a good idea?

Playing online poker freerolls can help you earn a good sum of money; however, you must get aware of the various complex aspects of playing professionally.

Here are some of the problems associated with playing poker online for a living:

No Fixed Earnings

If you are a novice player then you must be mentally and financially prepared to incur losses repeatedly during the initial few months. During this period you will need to be confident to power through the losses.


Playing poker at a computer all day can become very exhausting when you do this every day. When you are starting out to play poker online Indonesia, you will have to grind hard to earn enough money to pay your bills.

As you will go through some really some awful runs in this phase, you must be patient & persevere without getting tired by playing online the entire day.

No Time for Social Life

When you play poker in Indonesia for a living, you will have very little time left in your hands for your family. During the bad runs, you must play for long hours until you win.

This means you will have to invest almost all of your time in the online poker rooms. Keep in mind that every hour you spend online playing poker will reward you generously in the long run.

Although there are several problems with making a living through online poker, that does not mean it is impossible.

Get Ready To Grind

Making a living by playing poker online professionally can be a great idea provided you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication required of you.

There are actually many reasons for you to take this game as your sole profession.


Pro poker players have the flexibility to choose their own work hours. You can wish to play at any time that is convenient to you.

This type of flexibility is not available in any other profession.

No Need to Commute

As an online pro poker player, you will not be required to wade through hours of traffic every day.

You will not have to never have to wake up early and rush for your office to make a living.

No Boring Tasks

If you get easily bored with the same tasks every day, then playing free poker tournaments online can provide you the thrill and challenge you need.

As you will have to deal with swings, you must play your best game all the time.

Best Job Ever

Poker is a highly exciting game of skill. Once you grind out the initial challenges, you will get to earn an impressive sum of money regularly and live a luxurious lifestyle.

However, the best part of it all is that you will get to earn your living by doing what you loving most….playing poker!

If you are confident enough to counter the challenges, then online poker can be the best way to make a living that will enable you to live your dream life.

Also read our article about Bankroll Management For Play Poker Online, for the final step to become millionaire by just playing online poker.




Money is not everything as long as you are the best at it. This saying is very true in the world of Poker. Although many people assume that cities always win, the reality is that in poker you don’t play against cities. In Poker you compete with other players by favoring luck and skill. Certain players have a rhythm of card games that make them successful in professional poker tournaments and win lots of money. Over the years, poker has changed little by little. Poker, which was originally born in the world as an entertaining game, has now become one of the most popular card games coupled with an internet presence that is increasingly helping the poker game to grow rapidly. There are even Online Poker Room sites that can test the skills of players to compete to be the best of the best. With this Poker also gave birth to some brilliant poker card intellectuals, but we also have to know that even most poker players don’t succeed in certain tournaments. But it doesn’t hurt for us to know 10 of the Poker card scholars below, including:

John Juanda John Juanda

Wealth: US $ 4.4 million

You may not be familiar with the name of this Poker player, unless you are a poker fan. In short, this man with Indonesian-American blood is a successful professional poker player, where he has won four World Series of Poker titles for years. His success in the poker world led to his net worth of US $ 4.4 million. Yes, even though the US $ 4.4 is considered to be the caliber of a professional poker card player, it deserves a thumbs up considering that he won everything only in the world of Poker. Juanda continued to hone his playing skills when he was in the US and shortly in 1996, he decided to jump into the world of Poker. As proof of his skills, he only needed 3 years to reach the World Poker Series final table. In addition, Juanda was praised as a Cardplayer Magazine player between 2001 and 2002, this is really no small feat.

Annie DukeAnnie-Duke-Net-Worth

Wealth: US $ 8 million

Next on this list is a woman who became the first professional poker player. Annie Duke has been named the “Duchess of Poker” for extraordinary achievements in the game of Poker. Even in the early days, Duke had shown his expertise in playing. The career he has built so far is inseparable from the teachings of a mentor named Ben Affleck. His popularity skyrocketed in 2004 when he won the World Series of Poker gold bracelet. Since that extraordinary victory, his professional career seems unstoppable both in the poker world and in his personal life. In addition to being a female Poker superstar, Annie is also a successful writer, philanthropist and even she has released a DVD series that aims to educate beginners to understand the world of Poker. As if that wasn’t enough, Annie has also appeared on many TV shows, including Celebrity Apprentices.

Andrew Feldmanandrew-feldman

Wealth: US $ 10 million

This man is a millionaire poker from England. His great wealth is not only through his success in the poker world but he is also involved in the online Poker card business. He won the World Series Poker and several Poker tournaments in the UK. Initially, he was obsessed with playing online poker at the age of 18 and finally made him addicted. Had heard the bad news from him that was brought at this time to 27 years, Feldman likes to live in a world of spree and he had experienced all the difficulties. Luckily enough, he managed to get out of his bad side and return to the world of Poker, making him come back victorious even with bigger ones.

Daniel Negreanudanie_negreanu

Wealth: US $ 15 million

Nobody would have thought that Daniel was touted as one of the best poker players in the world today. He never lost school at this young age. In 2015, the player who won 40 this year not only won one, two or three World Series of Poker titles but 6 times. Not only that, Daniel also won the World Poker Tour championship 2 times, this is an impressive and extraordinary award. Thanks to the ability and luck that accompanied it, he managed to cultivate his wealth until now. Over the years playing poker pro, he was able to accumulate a net worth of more than US $ 15 million. Besides playing poker, he is also a noble philanthropist. He is present contributing to the world of writers and often appears on various TV shows.

Antonio EsfandiariAntonio Esfandiari

Wealth: US $ 17 million

This Iranian-American man is a professional poker player who has a fortune of more than US $ 17 million and the results he collected from the ability to play Poker. Before plunging into Poker, he used to work as a magician and was then invited to play Texas Hold’Em and there he immediately fell in love with the game of Poker and began playing professionally. In 2004, he won the World Poker Tour title. Then he finally left again to win one title in 2010. Besides winning two prestigious titles, Esfandiari also won two World Series Poker titles and this is an interesting achievement for every professional Poker player.

Chris Fergus Fergusonuson

Wealth: US $ 25 million

The 52-year-old California-born man won five World Series of Poker titles to join other Poker tournaments. What’s interesting about the side of life first, Ferguson was born to parents who are very educated. Both of his parents have Ph.D. in the world of mathematics and refutes is a teacher who teaches game theory at UCLA. Then Ferguson also earned a Pd.D. in computer science. No doubt, Ferguson is a very intelligent person even though his appearance is a bit rough. Appearance in the world of Poker managed to become a very rich person. In addition to being involved in the poker world, he also has a private online poker room entitled Full Tilt Poker.

Bankroll Management For Play Poker Online

Bankroll Management For Play Poker Online

Bankroll Management For Play Poker Online

A common mistake in online poker is to play poker online way above your bankroll. Unfortunately many Indian Poker players are unaware about the importance of managing their online bankroll.

This is often because most new players don’t even know they need to have among 15 and 25 times their purchase-in sitting of their blended online poker bills.

So as an example , if you would like to find out on ten buck tournament tables, your minimum bankroll should be hundred dollars. If you set 100 dollars down on every occasion you sit at a no restrict cash table, your minimum bankroll should be grand.

So as you’ll see, your choice of poker online games, features a substantial effect on what proportion you put aside for one poker session.

The minimum poker online bankroll for a multigame budget could be around $300 and this is often after you’ve got built up your bankroll by winning enough hands.

Now confine mind $300 may be a not the amount you hold in your pocket. this is often a separate account for your poker playing, and you’ll only be employing a low portion of that every sitting.

All folks learn in several ways and by and enormous find one among the 4 sorts of games whether it’s sit and go tournaments, multi-desk tournaments, constant limit ring video games, or no restrict coins games- one will ultimately become a favorite for studying the sport and bankroll building.

Since there are many profiles in poker, it is completely acceptable to favour one over the opposite . In fact, it’s advisable to stay with the sport that’s working for you the simplest , because that strategy can finance your preparation in other poker online games.

you’ve got to actually keep track of all of your video games, and profit and loss, in order that you are doing apprehend which recreation, time, and level are best for you at now of your hold’em experience. that’s one aspect of your game which is extremely important for future success and profit.

Variance is really also a part of your poker bankroll. the rationale why a poker bankroll might sound unreasonably high compared to the quantity you’re earmarked to play with is due to variance, success, or training.

You can’t expect to start with a coffee bankroll and be an ideal player, nor are you able to deflect the sometimes viciously long runs of weak cards and terrible beats.

If you play consistently within your bankroll, these performance drops are much easier to urge over, allowing you to return the subsequent session, projecting your same moneymaking game.

Making bankroll management a precedence is an absolutely necessary skill that each one of the simplest players within the world recognise and practice.

What genuinely matters within the process of building a bankroll is how consistent you’ll become at making good decisions. Try to see if you can manage your bankroll well at DEPOXITO, you can create a poker account in a click.

This takes practice and you’ll expect to play upwardly of 100,000 hands before you completely understand how good and bad things can get and benefit stronger understanding of your own sort of play and limitations.

Your task is to stay learning more and more, as you’ll learn that the players who do know their profit goals, maintain a solid bankroll and stick with right principles are always those that seem to possess good records on tournament database sites. The logic is straightforward , but not playing within your poker bankroll will cost you tons of reloads.

Tricks for Dealing With Poker Robots In Online Poker Games

Tricks for Dealing With Poker Robots In Online Poker Games

Tricks for Dealing With Poker Robots In Online Poker Games

In any online poker game it is certainly very different from playing poker off line, because in online poker players cannot see the movements, faces or emotional behavior of opposing players. This is of course poker players always feel touch decisions that will be taken in other words the luck and foresight of players in paying attention to the card rotation software is very decisive, of course this online poker players are looking for poker sites that have good credibility so that the flow of the game becomes fair play.

The involvement of poker robots in online poker games causes increased concern among online poker players. What can be done to play against poker bots?
Poker bot is software that is made to masquerade as a player, designed to play online poker games. The presence of pokerbots players is greatly feared by many online poker gamblers given the violation of gambling that is fair play. There is no doubt that poker bot does exist. This poker work bot is a computer software which is a threat to online poker players and online poker site operators.

The first commercially available poker bot was Win holdem which moved the online poker gambling community because of the team’s mode feature that made software fraud. Many online poker sites take extra security measures against poker bots that play automatically on their site, this greatly influences the credibility of their site. It can be noted that poker bot can generate thousands of dollars from winning. Certainly a big disadvantage for online poker players, who are more vulnerable to beating poker bots. Online poker gamblers do not play in a normal game when they play against poker bots. Therefore online poker sites actively counteract poker bot activities on their online sites by forming a number of teams to specifically scan and monitor the activities that are running to their site and investigate suspicious game patterns from trusted betberry players. However poker bot has a limited capacity to play poker perfectly. Bot is an excellent player at a low buy in, level of play with at least 8 -10 poker players. Poker bot can also lose when playing against experienced and professional poker players due to software limitations. program.

But that is a temporary reality, because it is only a matter of time before poker bot can play more efficiently even against poker champions and professionals. Poker gamblers can take certain steps against poker bots and avoid their vulnerability to losses when playing against poker robots. A player can kick poker bots out of the game when they play with perfect strategy and excellent poker skills. Playing in pot limit or no limit poker can provide significant benefits for online players, because poker bots have limitations in this system. Playing at a poker table with 5 to 6 players can also benefit online poker players in the face of poker bots.

Chatting might be a very good idea to test whether someone is playing with humans or a poker bot. A player can be suspicious when their opponents cannot give them a significant answer to a question, because poker bot is designed with backlink tips just to play according to the program. . Poker players can benefit from beating poker bots given the supremacy of the human mind on rational thinking by playing bluff is an important element when playing poker games to the highest level of the game. Poker bot is sophisticated because it has a good analysis of the history of the cards that have come out and then implemented in the decisions that will be taken by the poker bot, but as sophisticated as poker bot remains man-made that still has many weaknesses and certainly can still be defeated by human players.

Explanation of Rules in the Arrange Card Game

Explanation of Rules in the Arrange Card Game

Explanation of Rules in the Arrange Card Game

CAPSA stacking card games is one variant of CAPSA games that are very popular in various parts of the world, especially Southeast Asia. Because of its popularity, the game is still called a different place. In the Canton region including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, the CAPSA stacking game is known as SAP Sam Cheung. Even so, the rules that apply to all CAPSAs are the same regardless of specific local nicknames. Now in Maha168 you can also play the game capsa stacking


Capsa game stacking, there are some rules that must be obeyed. The game starts with 13 cards that are dealt to each player. All cards must be arranged in a three level formation. The first or top row consists of three cards. While each second and third level contains five cards. When organizing cards, the training card at the third level or the bottom line must always be greater than the second level. While the formation of cards at the second level must also always be greater than the first level.

1. First row: 7 Hearts – Heart 8-9 – 10-Spades Diamond – Diamond Sota (straight formation pattern)
2. Second line: 3 Curly – Curly 5-8 Curly – Curly Jack – Queen Curly (Flush formation)
3. Third row: 4 diamonds – 4 curly – 4 hearts – for diamonds – frills (Full House modeling).

If you pay attention, the pattern is formed in three straight lines <Flush <Full House. This is an example of a true formation. Note, it will disappear immediately if the card is configured to fit the CAPSA bed format.

Capsa playing cards: the value of one card

CAPSA pile up in the game, the value of cards can be divided into two types, namely the value of a combination of cards and unique cards. To determine the value of a card, you must know two types of cards in this game:

One card

The numbers on the CAPSA card represent the value of the card stack. The card with the lowest score is the number of cards 2, while the card with the highest score is an ace. In other words, the following rules apply: 2 <3 <4 <5 <6 <7 <8 <9 <10 <Jack <Queen <King <As

Figure B.

In addition to numbers, card images also have their own values. Diamond Photo Cards have the lowest value, while cards with a spade image have the highest value. In other words, the following rules apply: Nutmeg> Heart> Rizos> Diamonds

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Capsa STANDARD MAPS COMBINE VALUE CARDSIn the CAPSA stacking game, players can get a higher score by using a combination of letters. The following is the order of the combined cards from lowest to highest:

> Single card
> Pairs (a pair of cards with the same number, different pictures)
> 2 pairs (pairs, each pair has the same number but a different picture)
> Triples (three cards with the same number but different pictures)
> Straight (five cards with serial number from lowest to highest)
> Flush (five cards with the same picture, but different numbers)
> Full house (five cards consisting of two cards with the same value / number and three cards with the same value / number)
> Four of a Kind (five cards consisting of four cards of the same suit and one other card)
> Straight Flush (five cards with serial numbers from the smallest to the largest and the same picture)
> Royal straight flush (five cards in a row from 10 to Ace, with litter spades)

As you can see, the method of classifying the combined value of CAPSA cards is exactly the same as CAPSA games in general.


When you have completed a card, all players must issue three cards to compare with all players. Points are earned if a deck of cards is higher than your opponent. Conversely, you will lose points if the cover is better than your opponent.

How to play Poker Paradice Sbobet

How to play Poker Paradice Sbobet

How to play Poker Paradice Sbobet play poker paradice is very different from poker games in general, but the value of the poker eye is still not lost, it’s just that this poker game uses dice that have numerical values ​​ranging from 1 to 13 and this game only occurs between cities and direct players in general, a dealer with a player or banker uses 5 dice in 1 match that will take place in each round and there are many bonuses and stages of play in each round of the game.

The calculation method is the same as playing poker in general, only if poker is used to use playing cards, but when this poker paradigm is played, dice are used instead of cards, and you only play with croupiers and not you can play with people worth playing poker in general

If you are interested in playing this advanced poker but you don’t have users, you can register first — >>> visit here.

The poker paradigm is divided into two parts, a dealer is a dealer who has 5 dice and your player has 5 dice.
Each die will be shaken and the highest die will form a poker card value and will be the winner and if the dice / eye sees which number is the highest, then I will win and
You can only install updates in the two places where you play and bonuses
if you play, then your bet is against a distributor / distributor
if you give him a bonus, then to get the jackpot
After shaking the dice, it will appear in the lower left corner of the sum of the two parts.
You can see any number that comes out and you can see on the right side and next to Kirin, your number will appear as well.

Five of a kind: consists of five dice with the same value
Four of a kind: it consists of four same values ​​and different values ​​of dice
Flush – consists of five dice of the same color
Straight: consists of five sequences of dice value
Full House: consisting of 3 equal values ​​and two equal values ​​of combined dice of three types and pairs
Three of a Kind : consisting of three same values ​​and two different dice values
2 pairs: consists of 2 pairs with the same value and a dice with different values
pair: a pair consists of the same pair of values ​​and three different dice values
hing score: consists of 5 different dice values ​​that take the highest numerical value

the amount of winning prizes received if you die above, then you will win and if you place 10 thousand, you will win 19.50 thousand
10×1.95 = 19.50

If you attach a bonus to the value of the income, you will get it as shown below

  • 5 of a kind
    if the dice are friendly with the 5 dice, you will win
    if you enter 10 thousand, then you earn 5 million
    10×500 = 5000
    The value of the bet multiplied by 5000
  • 4 of a kind
    If your dice come out friendly numbers on 4 dice, then you will win
    if you install 10 thousand, get 1 million
    10×100 = 1000
    The value of the bet multiplied by 1000
  • Flush
    if your dice come out of the same number of colors in 5 dice, then you will win
    if you install 10 thousand, produce 500 thousand
    10×50 = 500
    The value of the bet multiplied by 500
  • Straight
    if your dice are in 5 dice, you will win
    if you install 10 thousand, then produce 250 thousand
    10×25 = 250
    the value of the bet multiplied by 250
    If your dice come out 3 friendship numbers and 2 friendship numbers, then you will win
    if you enter 10 then you earn 50 thousand
    10×5 = 50
    the value of the bet multiplies 50
  • 3 of a kind
    if your dice come out with the same 3 numbers, you will win
    if you install 10 thousand, get 30 thousand
    1×3 = 30
    the value of the bet multiplied by 30

If your score is higher than the dealer, you will win and if you tie, you can see a higher number
how to play poker in general, just use dice
there is nothing difficult in the poker game paradigm if you have never played normal poker, surely you understand playing the poker paradigm

You can choose how many bets you want on the right hand side. You can choose bets that you want to make bets like 5 10 15 100
5 = 5 thousand
10 = 10 thousand
50 = 50 thousand
100 = 100 thousand
If you already know how much you want to install, you can click on the agreement where the random dice will start and if you have chosen and want to withdraw the balance, you can click Cancel, which means it will reduce
and if you want to roll the dice automatically, you can click on the automatic ad at the top left and then you can roll the dice automatically
and if you want to see how many bets you have placed, you can see the total bet in the lower left corner and you want to see your winning balance, you can see the total winnings
through you want to see your balance all you can see in the balance on the right at the bottom

To play this bet with a minimum bet of only 5 thousand, you can easily play this betting game and can be played anywhere and anytime using only a minimum deposit of 50 thousand rupees and withdrawing 100 thousand funds that you can play comfortably and thank you for having read HOW TO PLAY SBOBET’S PARADICE