Explanation of Rules in the Arrange Card Game

Explanation of Rules in the Arrange Card Game

Explanation of Rules in the Arrange Card Game

CAPSA stacking card games is one variant of CAPSA games that are very popular in various parts of the world, especially Southeast Asia. Because of its popularity, the game is still called a different place. In the Canton region including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, the CAPSA stacking game is known as SAP Sam Cheung. Even so, the rules that apply to all CAPSAs are the same regardless of specific local nicknames. Now in Maha168 you can also play the game capsa stacking


Capsa game stacking, there are some rules that must be obeyed. The game starts with 13 cards that are dealt to each player. All cards must be arranged in a three level formation. The first or top row consists of three cards. While each second and third level contains five cards. When organizing cards, the training card at the third level or the bottom line must always be greater than the second level. While the formation of cards at the second level must also always be greater than the first level.

1. First row: 7 Hearts – Heart 8-9 – 10-Spades Diamond – Diamond Sota (straight formation pattern)
2. Second line: 3 Curly – Curly 5-8 Curly – Curly Jack – Queen Curly (Flush formation)
3. Third row: 4 diamonds – 4 curly – 4 hearts – for diamonds – frills (Full House modeling).

If you pay attention, the pattern is formed in three straight lines <Flush <Full House. This is an example of a true formation. Note, it will disappear immediately if the card is configured to fit the CAPSA bed format.

Capsa playing cards: the value of one card

CAPSA pile up in the game, the value of cards can be divided into two types, namely the value of a combination of cards and unique cards. To determine the value of a card, you must know two types of cards in this game:

One card

The numbers on the CAPSA card represent the value of the card stack. The card with the lowest score is the number of cards 2, while the card with the highest score is an ace. In other words, the following rules apply: 2 <3 <4 <5 <6 <7 <8 <9 <10 <Jack <Queen <King <As

Figure B.

In addition to numbers, card images also have their own values. Diamond Photo Cards have the lowest value, while cards with a spade image have the highest value. In other words, the following rules apply: Nutmeg> Heart> Rizos> Diamonds

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Capsa STANDARD MAPS COMBINE VALUE CARDSIn the CAPSA stacking game, players can get a higher score by using a combination of letters. The following is the order of the combined cards from lowest to highest:

> Single card
> Pairs (a pair of cards with the same number, different pictures)
> 2 pairs (pairs, each pair has the same number but a different picture)
> Triples (three cards with the same number but different pictures)
> Straight (five cards with serial number from lowest to highest)
> Flush (five cards with the same picture, but different numbers)
> Full house (five cards consisting of two cards with the same value / number and three cards with the same value / number)
> Four of a Kind (five cards consisting of four cards of the same suit and one other card)
> Straight Flush (five cards with serial numbers from the smallest to the largest and the same picture)
> Royal straight flush (five cards in a row from 10 to Ace, with litter spades)

As you can see, the method of classifying the combined value of CAPSA cards is exactly the same as CAPSA games in general.


When you have completed a card, all players must issue three cards to compare with all players. Points are earned if a deck of cards is higher than your opponent. Conversely, you will lose points if the cover is better than your opponent.